Monday, March 29, 2010

Life as a Mom of Two

I have a lot of friends who are pregnant with their second babies, and the question they all have for me is, "What is it like having two kids?" Well, ladies, I'll be honest with you... It's hard. As you can see, being a mom (at least a NEW mom) of two ain't pretty. I've been so busy that I've actually let Benjamin pick out his own outfits a few times. Here's one gem:
As hard as my new life is, though, I will say that going from one kid to two is a bajillion times easier than going from zero kids to one. When you go from being a non-parent to a parent, your entire lifestyle changes. Not so when the second kid comes along, because you've already been broken in. The analogy I gave one mom friend who's contemplating whether or not to have number two is that having a kid for the first time is like changing jobs. Having a second kid is like getting a little promotion with added responsibilities. But without the extra pay. So I guess it's less like getting a promotion and more like just having a really sh*tty job.
Being a dad of two comes with its challenges, too. I try to remind myself that although his day job doesn't involve being vomited and crapped on, Vince still does have one with its own challenges and responsibilities. So when he's home and wants to take a break by playing computer games or surfing Facebook, I'm more than happy to let him -as long as he tries his best to multitask like I do when I'm the only one home with the kids. For the most part, he's able to figure out a solution that makes everyone happy.
Unfortunately, it doesn't always work out that way.

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Debbie Kee said...

That last pic is the best picture. EVER. HAHAHAHAH!? He has totally surrendered to the Boos.