Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Loud and Clear

Earlier today, I took Calliope in for her three-month check-up. Yes, THREE MONTHS. Can you believe it? On one hand, I feel like it was just the other day that she was born. She still looks like such a little bean, and I still refer to her as a "newborn." On the other hand, there are definite signs that she's growing. Her cheeks are unbearably chubby, she is remarkably alert, and I swear that - although she can't talk - she can understand what I'm saying. Maybe she is able to intuit my emotions because she's my daughter. Maybe it's a woman-to-woman connection. Maybe I'm delusional. Who knows?
While we were waiting for Dr. Kaminker to see us, we passed the time by shooting the breeze. I asked Calliope what she though about my new jeans, which I'd recently purchased at Forever 21. Were they too young for me? Too tight? Not mom-appropriate? She responded with this:
Hmmm, not promising. Well, I explained to her that my old jeans no longer fit the same because both she and her brother used to live inside my belly. Well, that just about blew her mind:
Whoops, this could lead to a conversation I'm not ready to have yet. Time to change the subject! I told Calliope about how I just finished reading the Twilight series, and how I'm, like, TOTALLY on Team Edward, but I find Taylor Lautner like, SO HOT.
She seemed to agree. Or, was that smile a suppressed giggle at how completely lame I was for being a Twi-hard? Well, if she thought that was funny, then she was going to LOVE hearing about how her dad and Nolan's dad spend hours online playing video games with titles like "Gears of War," "Bioshock," and "Left 4 Dead," while talking smack to the other online players - who were closer in age to her than to them.
My thoughts exactly! Even so, there are far worse vices for a man to have. I told her about how this guy named Jesse was recently caught straying from his devoted wife Sandra and has since spent every spare moment professing his undying love for her. What do you think about that, Calliope?
I couldn't have said it better!


Marquee said...

You are awesome, and so is she.

Yvonne said...

Sooooo CUTE!!! I can't wait to eat her cheeks!! I MEAN... give her a hug! ?

Jean said...

LOL! It's wondering that you're documenting all these precious moments. Thanks for sharing, Lily. Calliope is and your family are just beautiful.

Jean said...

I mean "wonderful" (mommy brain = mushy brain, for me) said...

Aw, thanks everyone!

@Marquee - I think that Calliope is pretty awesome, too. :)

@Jean - I've got a whole lotta mushy brain going on, too. Just this morning while changing Calliope, I proceeded to re-diaper her - with the dirty one. YUCK!