Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"Mama! BOOBIES!"

Since turning two, Benjamin's speech has kicked into overdrive, and he's become quite the chatterbox. Sometimes he'll chatter about his basic needs ("Mama, I hungry. Mama, now, mama. Mama, I eat COOOOOOKIE."). Other times, he'll chatter about whatever happens to catch his eye at that particular moment. Like a passing car, or a bright red fire truck. Or, boobies. Yes, while strolling the aisles on a recent shopping trip at Target, Benjamin suddenly stopped, pointed, and shouted, "Boobies! Mama! BOOBIES!" Of course, it wasn't actual boobies he spotted, but rather a rack (no pun intended) of brassieres. And if that wasn't enough, he started singing a song that wrote for him about the general topic. Unfortunately, he could only remember the first line, and that was what he sang over and over - at the top of his lungs.

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