Friday, June 4, 2010

The Best Job in the World

My direct supervisors, Boss Benjamin and Chief Calliope

If there's one thing a stay-at-home mom hates being asked, it's, "So what do you do all day?" What don't we do all day?? It's 11 am, and this is a list of things that I've done so far:
  • Gotten up before everyone else to finish a sewing project
  • Put away the laundry
  • Dressed the kids
  • Fed the pug
  • Fed Benjamin
  • Nursed Calliope three times (and a fourth as I type)
  • Made a grocery list
  • Started a load of diaper laundry
  • Allowed Benjamin to watch TV so I could clean up the kitchen and drink a cup of coffee while browsing Etsy
  • Built and dismantled about twenty Magna-Tiles structures with Benjamin
  • Attempted to explain to Benjamin why crayon goes on paper
  • Scrubbed crayon off of the walls
  • Taken Benjamin to the potty and wiped his tushie three times
  • Wiped Benjamin's runny nose three dozen times
  • Gone to the bank
  • Made a trip to the doc's office for an ear infection (Benjamin's)
  • Changed four diapers (Calliope's)
  • Picked up several pairs of dirty socks (the Dirty Sock Fairy's)
  • Hopped on the computer to do some writing and reclaim some sanity (mine)
Being a full-time mom is a full-time job, and a thankless one at that. At least when you have a "real" job (meaning a job for which you receive a W-2), a paycheck quantifies your efforts. You're entitled to a lunch break, and you get to go to the bathroom whenever you need to. I usually squeeze in brunch at around 2 pm, and I've mastered the art of the Ten-Second Potty Break - while nursing a baby and yelling at a toddler at the same time. Don't worry - hand-washing takes up most of that ten seconds.

So the other morning when, bleary-eyed from being up with Calliope all night and attempting to feed oatmeal to a tantruming Benjamin, I heard my husband say to me, "You're not looking forward to going to your job today?", I nearly fainted. Finally, I was getting what that every SAHM craves: the acknowledgement that what I do every day is a job! If I wasn't already weeping from exhaustion, I would have wept with joy.

There is, however, one very important thing that this job has that no other can offer. Make that two very important things:
.Sure makes the long hours, the lack of sick time, or the absence of year-end bonuses seem like a small potatoes. I could go on, but right now, I have to run. The bosses are calling.


Random blogger said...

Now I understand what a SAHM is And nice post. said...

Thank you! :)

Renee said...

Funny, sad, and scary all at the same time. More power to you sister because I'm taking the easy route... I'm going back to work after our child is born. :)