Monday, October 4, 2010

Our Muse of Epic Poetry

We're often asked how we came up with the name "Calliope." I answer that I come from a long line of singers and then, depending on how much time I have (or how much I feel like boring the asking party), I'll offer a few of the following tidbits:
  • Calliope is the Latinized form of "Kalliope," the Greek muse of epic poetry.
  • A calliope is a musical instruments consisting of a series of steam whistles played by keys similiar to those found on an organ. Calliopes can be found on steam boats and merry-go-rounds.
  • A calliope is a species of hummingbird found in California.
  • The name Calliope means "one with a beautiful voice."

Will she be a singer? A poet? Will she grow up to have a beautiful voice? You tell me...

Beautiful voice, indeed!

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