Thursday, October 28, 2010

Our Rock 'n' Roll Family Photo Shoot

Last weekend, we got gussied up for our second-ever family photo shoot. This was no mean feat - the weekend had been a whirlwind of playdates, parties, and general family mayhem, and we were exhausted. But we took a deep breath, put on our Sunday best, and strutted our Chan family stuff out on the Venice boardwalk. I even managed to slap on some lipstick!
Here's our photog Steph with all her gear. Stephanie leads a double life. In her civilian life, she's a loving mom to toddler Jaxon who I often see at the park and in the neighborhood. But in her superhero life, she's kickass photographer Stephanie of Stephanie Celine Photography fame.
Benjamin, never one to shy away from a shutter click, was very excited. As we waited to get things started, he used the boardwalk as his catwalk and practiced his favorite Zoolander poses.

I think all that practicing paid off! Stephanie caught this moment with Benjamin posing in an alleyway. That look on his face is just priceless! To me, it says, "Hey, sweetheart! How YOU doin'?

Calliope had a great time, too. At our first shoot, she was just six weeks old with no head control, no neck support, and no ability to smile. I mean, she looked cute, but let's be honest - at that age, you can't do much but just lay there like a little blob. But now that she's eight months old...

...she's really hamming it up!

If you want to see more, check out Stephanie's blog. Thanks for capturing these great family pics, Steph!

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Debbie Kee said...

For heaven's sakes, how the heck can 4 people in one family be so gorgeous? You guys look like you just stepped out of a magazine! CRAZY about these pix (Esp the Boo Q one!!!!! Can't wait to see the rest!