Monday, December 27, 2010

Little Old Friends

After Benjamin's birth, I signed up for the SAHM's version of Gymboree. As you may recall, we were in the same class as another mom and baby, Catherine and Lucy. Benjamin was about six weeks old, and Lucy was about four months old. At that time, our playdates were easy to schedule, but then naptimes, doctor visits, baby classes, and life in general got in the way, and it became tougher to stay in touch.
Flash forward two years. Both Benjamin and Lucy are in preschool. Since both kids would be on winter break at the same time, we decided that the time was right to finally get together. Brooke and Presley, two other alumnae from the same Gymboree class, joined us for our long-overdue reunion. We met at Cath's gorgeous house in Santa Monica. Though it had been a long time since the three kids had hung out together, they had a great time.
At the end of the playdate, we lined them up against a wall and snapped some pics. We marveled at how these same three preschoolers used to be incapable of doing little more than lay on a blanket and drool.

It's amazing how much things can change in just two years!

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