Monday, January 10, 2011

The Puffy Pink Coat Conundrum

We're going to Kansas City in March to visit our loved ones: my brother Leon, his wife Claire, and my nephew Cristian, and also our close friends Sheila, Marco, and Kayla. Woohoo! But even though I'm really excited about our upcoming trip, I'm aware that Kansas City is considerably colder than Los Angeles. Just check out this recent picture of Kayla. I'm breaking out in goosebumps just looking at her! To insure that Calliope stays toasty for her first trip to colder climes, I had to get her a nice, warm coat.
I found this stylish black number on sale at Baby Gap. It's warm, it's puffy, and yes, it does look an awful lot like the jacket we bought Benjamin for his trip to Kansas City over a year ago:
When we first purchased this jacket for Benjamin, we figured that before long, his little sister would be able to wear it. It is, after all, size 6-12 months.
As it turns out, our nearly three-year-old son can still wear that 6-12 month jacket, which meant that Calliope was going to have to get one of her own. But did I have to get her a nearly identical black puffer? Couldn't it have been something a little different? A little girlier perhaps? I actually did initially buy her a pale pink version of the same coat.
. Cute, huh? Yes, I thought it was cute, too. Until I looked at it from the front, at which point all those puffy pink flaps just made me think of...


Yvonne said...

Noooo! Haha! Only you, Lily. ;)

She looks like a puffy pink ball, like she'd be the perfect starter to roll around in snow for a snowman. LOL said...

What are you talking about, Yvonne? What's wrong with Georgia O'Keefe? ;)

Anonymous said...

You are toooo Funny!!! :) Love it ! - Gena :)