Friday, May 13, 2011

Smile and Make Up

There's been a lot of this going on lately:

Are they singing a duet? Having a wordless free-flow face-off? Or maybe they're arguing. Hmmm... Come to think of it, Vince and I have had a few spats similiar to this one, but without the hand-holding. Or the smiling. Maybe that's the key to working things out: always keep a smile on your face, and when things get tough, reach out and hold hands. I'm gonna keep that in mind the next we have a disagreement. Like when I catch him playing video games on his iPhone. Again. At 3 in the morning. Or in the middle of dinner in a restaurant. With friends. After I've already gone apesh*t crazy on his ass about it at the playground earlier that same day. But is is alllll good. You know why? Because I am SMILING as I type this.



Renee said...

LOL... yes, I can see it now.. you and Vince arguing, holding hands, smile on your face, feet swinging.

Too cute.

Naybes said...

Don't you mean FISTS swinging? :)